For My Family

At EBC we are excited to serve your family. We offer several different classes for everyone so when at EBC your whole family will be better equipped in learning God’s Word. During Sunday School we offer classes for individuals ages 0-2 years, 3yrs – Kindergarten, 1st – 5th grade, Youth Group for 6th – 12th grade, college age and several different classes for adults. (See a current list of topics being studied at our Welcome Center.) During the main service we offer nursery and classes for children and students up to 6th grade.

Gathering Times

Sunday Morning
8:45am – Traditional Gathering
10:15am – Growth Classes
11:15am – Contemporary Gathering
Sunday Evening
6:00pm – PM Life Groups including auditorium class
Wednesday Evening
6:30pm – Mid-Week Family Night
(Sept-May we offer AWANA, Student Ministries and Various Bible Studies)

What to Wear

One of the most unfortunate things is when God’s church majors on minor things. Honestly, we do not care what you wear to our gatherings. We care about you!What you will typically see here at Emmanuel is men in suits and men in shorts/jeans. Many of our women wear dress slacks, but there are some who wear jeans or dresses. As you can tell, we have a variety, and we like it that way because God truly does not care what you wear. He does care about your soul so we choose to follow His lead.

 Plan of Salvation


Becoming a member

At Emmanuel we believe in both the universal church (Acts 2:41) and the local church. We believe that a person becomes part of the universal church upon salvation and manifests his/her commitment to the universal church by joining with a local church.

At Emmanuel we believe that the Christian life is a journey and should be done in partnership with others. We desire to see Christ followers dedicated to connect, grow, and live as a part of a local community where we work together to serve Christ by ministering to others.

Q: How do I become a member at Emmanuel?

A.       You must first make your desire to become a member known to your small group leader, deacon, or one of the pastors.

B.       A deacon will meet with you and your family at your convenience to share more information about local church membership at Emmanuel.

C.       Finally, you will be asked to meet with a small group of leaders from the church to affirm your faith commitment and your desire to join with us as a part of our local church.

Q: What if I come from a background that is not Baptist?

A: This is not an issue as long as you affirm our statement of faith and church covenant.

Q: How old do I have to be?

A: We do not have an age limit; however, if you are a minor you must have your parent’s permission. Similarly, if you are under 18 you can join, but you cannot be a voting member.

Q: What does it mean to become a member at Emmanuel?

A: There is no such thing as a perfect church. Yet, at Emmanuel you will be joining a community of people with like faith who are striving to grow in Christ daily. There are numerous opportunities for you to serve, grow, and be challenged in your faith.

Q: Will my children become members if I become a member?

A: No, your children will not become members automatically. We believe that each person must make a decision to follow Christ and if a child has not made that decision he/she is not a member of the universal church and therefore cannot become a member of the local church.