Top 5


  1. We MUST be “all in” the Word of God!  It is the answer to life’s challenges.  It is the answer to purpose.  It is the answer to the massive puzzle called life that can be so difficult to maneuver through.  Let me encourage you to make the Word of God a priority in your life and in your family’s life.  Don’t forget to use the awesome resources that are available to you: RIGHT NOW MEDIA and 252 Devotions on our website.  If you need access to RIGHT NOW MEDIA, send your email address to, and we’ll set you up with your own user name.
  1. Our 7-3-1 this week is the young adult gathering.  Remember to pray for seven days a week, three minutes a day with one purpose.  That purpose this week is the millennial generation that we’re trying to reach for Jesus Christ.  We’ve had a solid start to this new gathering with over thirty total for each week.  Please pray that God would put His hand of blessing on these young lives that they’d grow in knowledge and truth impacting their peers for Him.
  1. Don’t forget to check out the LIVING ON PURPOSE podcast that will be out Monday afternoon.  The topic will be “THE GOOD AND BAD OF THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION.”  If you have kids or friends in this generation, this podcast will be helpful to you in how to interact with and challenge them.  Please spread the word about this podcast.  It’s meant to give practical information to individuals and families.  Also, if you have a topic that you’d like discussed, email the church office at, and we’ll try to work your topic into the podcast in the near future.
  1. As a reminder, this is your last week to donate either money and/or clothing to our OPERATION HURRICANE RELIEF fund.  We will be sending the money to the Baptist Builders Club, and the clothing will be sent down to Texas with a local mission team.  Please donate by Friday.
  1. If you have taken an information packet for our India mission trip, please remember to turn it back in filled out to the church office by the end of September.  We will begin to evaluate individuals for this trip.  There is a lot of responsibility and dedication that will be needed to go on a trip of such magnitude.  Please be prayerfully considering your place on this trip.