Top 5

  1. Your greatest challenge is you!  As soon as you realize what you were born into, the better it will be for you.  Let’s not ever take for granted the power of temptation.  It is mesmerizing, and it can lead us down a road of complete and utter destruction.  Take the necessary steps to be spiritually successful!  So much is riding on your attention to your own spiritual weaknesses!
  1. This next Sunday is our outdoor gathering!  Here are a things to remember: bring a lawn chair, we provide the hot dogs and you provide your own drinks, bring some fruit and a bag of chips to pass, form a kickball team and get signed up at the office bulletin board, dunk tanks and games for the kids, patriotic music and well known contemporary choruses, baptisms, and more!  You won’t want to miss this special day!  Remember, that there will be no kids programming or nursery that day.  We’ll all be together, and no matter how noisy it gets, it’s going to be a memorable day!  It is a combined gathering at 11:15 AM, and there will be no evening gatherings or activities.  Invite a friend, and be here for this special “4th of July” Sunday.
  1. It is not too late to get your kids signed up for Action Day Camp on July 24-28.  Make sure you get the form filled out for your kids to attend by either going to the welcome center or finding it here on our website at  This is an incredible week filled with Bible learning, exciting games, and special field trips.  It is truly one of the highlights of the summer for our kids ministry!  The cost is $50 for the entire week, and the program runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day.  If you have any other questions, you can call the office or talk to Pastor Ross.  Make sure you’re telling your neighborhood kids.  All are welcome.
  1. Our kids are headed to Lake Ann Camp on July 10-15.  Parents, make sure you get a “what to bring” list from the welcome center.  It will answer all of your questions as far as what you need for this amazing week.  Pastor Ross has also set up another week of summer camp in August for all of our kids and students who did not sign up in time.  If you are interested, call the office this week and/or talk to Pastor Ross, and he’ll give you the needed information.  Please be praying that God will do a mighty work in the hearts and minds of all of our campers this summer!
  1. It is not too late to get signed up for baptism at our outdoor gathering on Sunday, July 2.  Call the office this week and speak to a pastor about what you need to do.  Baptism is that public profession of what Jesus Christ has already done in your life!  We outwardly demonstrate our inward commitment to Him as our Lord and Savior!